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Buy a Metal Shipping Container with our faq and tips.

If you are looking to buy a container for shipping, use it as storage, or even repurpose it as a shipping container home. Here a few tips and questions you may have. A fe things to consider are the purpose, space requirements and condition. We containers we sell are stackable and wind and water tight. 

  • How do i buy a shipping container ?
    • Decide if a 20 foot container or a 40 foot container length will suit your needs. The size of the container you need will depend on how much space to you have in your yard and what all you need to store or your purpose. 40 foot containers tend to cost more the the 20 foot containers.
      • while used 20 foot shipping containers are the most popular we can provide smaller containers for a tight squeeze or 45 foot shipping containers to hold the max.
    • Do you want a new or used container?
      • New or one tripper containers were used once and are in shipworthy condition. They have fresh paint and floors.
      • Used shipping containers are the most popular due to the availability and price.
        • Used containers are usually retired from the shipping fleet and sold for use as storage and local operations providing a good value and years of use.
  • What are shipping containers made of?
    • Shipping containers are mainly constructed of non-corrosive Corten steel and are rust resistive.
      • They are made to travel months over the ocean through wind, saltwater and humidity.
  • How Can I get a shipping container delivered?
    • Shipping containers can be delivered by our professional delivery trucks to most places or you could pick the container up directly from the yard.
  • How is a shipping container better than a metal storage shed?
    • Shipping containers are used as storage containers for the strength and security.
      • Shipping containers are so strong they can be stacked where as a storage shed is usually made of thin tin.
      • Containers are secure and can be maximized with a Container lock box.
  • Can shipping containers be repurposed as a mobile office or cargo container home?
    • Yes Several construction sites use shipping container mobile offices for build outs so they can move them easily and they are strong enough to take a beating.
    • There is a popular trend right now making Shipping container homes and houses using one or more shipping containers.
      • Shipping containers are ideal for container homes becuase you can drop it just about anywhere and they are already put together and easy to modify. Shipping container home plans can be found all over google.
      • They range from sleeping quarters to full out Storage homes.




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BJM Services, Inc. has  been serving Houston and Surrounding Areas since 1984 and we are ready to provide you with new or used shipping containers. We also provide same day or next day delivery of containers.


They are available in 8', 10', 20', & 40' sizes, as well as 40' & 45' High Cube sizes.  Also  known as conex boxes, storage containers are great for secure storage, a storm shelter, equipment storage, or even a mobile office. 

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