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If you are looking to buy a container for shipping, use it as storage, or even repurpose it as a shipping container home. Here a few tips and questions you may have. 

  1. What information do I need before buying a shipping container?
    • Determine what size container would be sufficient. 
    • Determine the use of the container.
    • Determine if modifications are needed.
    • Determine the placement of the container.

The size of the container you need will depend on how much space you have in your area of placement and your purpose for the container.

  1. Do you want a new or used shipping container?
    • New or one tripper containers: are typically used once and are in ship worthy condition. Most of them come with fresh paint and floors perfect for an office or a recreational area.
    • Used shipping containers: are retired from the shipping fleet and sold to be used as storage and local operations offices. Used containers provide a customer great value and years of use for all of their needs.
  2. What size containers does BJM Services, Inc. offer?
    • 20-foot containers are typically the most cost effective for storage needs and small offices.
    • 40-foot containers are used for large storage needs or a typical construction site office.  
    • 8 and 10-foot containers are available for a tight squeeze or small storage needs.
    • 40 and 45-foot high cube containers are available to hold the max storage or office space needed.
  3. What are shipping containers made of?
    • Shipping containers are mainly constructed of non-corrosive Cor-ten Steel and are rust resistant They are made to travel months over the ocean through wind, saltwater and humidity.
  4. How Can I get a shipping container delivered?
    • All of our shipping containers can be delivered by our professional delivery trucks to most place. If delivery is not need and you would like to pick your container up at our facility please call ahead to make the appropriate arrangements.  


  1. How is a shipping container better than a metal storage shed?
    • Shipping containers are used as storage containers for their integrity and securable capabilities. Our containers are secure and can be modified to get maximum security with a container lock box. Shipping containers are so strong and durable they can even be stacked on top of one another. Most storage shed are usually more expensive, made of weaker materials like thin tin and are not stackable for the expansion for future endeavors.
  2. Can shipping containers be repurposed as a mobile office? or shipping container homes?
    • Yes, several construction companies use shipping containers for mobile offices on construction sites. Contractors rely on the mobility and strength of the container to survive in a construction environment for the duration of a project.


  1. Can shipping containers be repurposed as shipping container homes or houses?
    • Yes, there is a current trend right now of making shipping containers into livable homes. When completing a project of this magnitude it typically requires more than one container to make a home suitable for a family. Shipping containers are ideal for making homes due to the flexibility of placing the containers anywhere the customer would like, they are already put together and easily modifiable for expansion of the home in any direction needed.


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